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Ignite Trade Africa provides you with an analysis of the cultural factors affecting your business – whether relating to different cultures within your own company and or in relations with customers, suppliers and associates. We work with you to establish an action plan to meet the challenges and opportunities provided by these cultural factors. Active management of the internationalization process and a conscious effort to acquire new skills in cross cultural competence will release fresh sources of competitive advantage.

We prepare country or region-specific seminars for you from a database of different countries, including all major business cultures, all African states. Simply let us know what your target countries and/or regions are, and we will develop a suitable programme for you. We can advise you on what is reasonable to cover during the time you have available.

We have regional experts amongst our general cross-cultural trainers. We also have a wide network of resource people who can give up-to-date input on the cultures you are interested in. They can even advise on practical details where the purpose of the training is expatriation.

Course based on culture research then combined with real business needs to respond to actual business situations. — Our Culture Insight Framework helps recognize cultural differences and understand the underlying values & mechanics of cultures. Designed to help participants understand needs, convey demands, build relationships and sell internationally.

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Ignite Trade Africa, provides you with the knowledge and practical advice on regional markets to help you make better, timelier and cost-effective decisions in order to achieve your business goals in Africa.


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